Get High On Life


High on Life is a social campaign that is focused on promoting the simple changes you can make in your everyday life to improve your health and wellbeing.

To encourage you and your loved ones to kick start a healthier lifestyle, our Timeless Herbal Care High on Life Brand Ambassadors provide resource materials, advice and mentoring through our online community. Members are the first to receive important information on the industry through our newsletters and special invitations to our health seminars.

Medical Tourism


Personalized Medical Care

Timeless Herbal Care bridges the gap between tropical luxury and global health care through our Medical Tourism packages.

Located in Montego Bay Jamaica, our medical professionals are dedicated to helping patients access world class medical treatment while assisting them in changing their lifestyle to live a healthier life.

From travel arrangements, to care and leisure activities, Timeless Herbal Care’s Customized Medical Tourism Packages are designed especially for you.

We are among the leading Medical Tourism Company in Jamaica. With a dedicated team of professionals in the fields of healthcare, travel, technology, marketing and hospitality, we are committed to making your trip as smooth and rewarding as possible, while assuring that you are given the best possible medical treatment.

  • Jamaica is one of the world’s most attractive Medical Tourism
  • Timeless Herbal Care offers global access to high quality, affordable healthcare and wellness through our medical tourism products in Jamaica
  • Timeless Herbal Care medical tourism products combine herbal treatments including the use of medical marijuana which has been proven to assist patients dealing with challenging illnesses such as cancer.
Contact us today and find out more about our customized packages.

Medical Marijuana Certification


Marijuana leaves and buds contain a non-psychoactive, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer nutrient compound known as cannabidiol (CBD) The benefits of CBD has been recognized by the  United States Government who holds a patent on CBD’s as well as leading doctors and scientists internationally.

Already have a Medical Marijuana License?

Thousands of North Americans are licensed to possess and use medical marijuana. If you hold a medical marijuana user card outside of Jamaica, Timeless Herbal Care will assist you in obtaining a medical marijuana card in Jamaica. A medical marijuana card is required for medical users under the new laws.

Processing Times

Processing time for the application will vary depending on the nature of the applicant's medical condition, and whether all of the necessary information has been received. You can begin the process by registering with Timeless and as soon as the regulations are finalized we will begin the process of preparing your application.

Completing the Process

Understanding the process of transferring your international card can be complicated. We have taken the guesswork out of it by creating a process that assists you in obtaining your medical card in Jamaica.

Fill out out the certification form to begin the process. Certification Form
Or Contact Us for more information. Contact Us
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